Mom On The Run

Plan to be Spontaneous!

This isn’t a product, it’s an idea.  Moms know sometimes small windows of time open up in your calendar unexpectedly.  It can be tough to take advantage of these gifts of time, unless you’re prepared.  So create a spontaneity bag.  That’s a bag full of all the thing you’ll need to get out and have some fun at the drop of a hat!  Leave it by the door or in your car.  Some ideas:

  • For your swim bag, a mesh bag works best because it can hold wet suits.  Add swim goggles, water toys, sunscreen, bug spray if you like to swim at a lake,  juice boxes and shelf-safe snacks in a plastic zipped bag.  Towels on top.
  • For your picnic spontaneity bag, use a flexible basket with handles.  It takes up less room, and is lighter than a rigid basket.  You can find them made of a woven plastic material which is light and easy to clean.  Stock it full with a blanket, bug spray, sunscreen, water bottles, juice boxes and shelf-safe snacks,  tuck in some reusable dishes and utensils, a garbage bag for trash (and to lay under your blanket if it’s damp) and some plastic storage when the mood strikes, you can just box up whatever you were planning to eat inside..and head to the park
  • For a camp fire bag, use a bag that’s large enough to carry long skewers designed for roasting marshmallows and hot dogs, and washable – s’mores are messy! Add in a bag of marshmallows,  and some other snacks.  Try making s’mores with cookies or peanut butter crackers for a new take on an old favorite. Don’t forget bug spray, matches in  a plastic bag, some newspaper and wet wipes for clean up.
  • For an outdoor fun bag, something which is free standing is best.  A box even works.  You want to be able to set it in a yard or on a driveway.  Put in it bubbles, sidewalk chalk, balls some books, a blanket