Mom On The Run

Dear Old Dad

They taught us to drive a car, imparted words of advice and  played the part of our very first super heroes. Don’t they deserve the perfect gift for Father’s Day?

Some ideas...

  • For the cool dad… Some sporty sunglasses specifically designed for driving..they have exclusive technology to help the lenses darken in bright sunlight..even behind a car windshield.  All other photochromatic lenses darken only in UV light…these darken in visible light. They also have an oil-repellant coating to prevent finger and grease marks and make cleaning easier. $190 Julbo Spirit Glasses.
  • For the techy dad…A wireless USB A/V adapter streams any internet video to your TV.  So dad can download missed TV episodes on HULU…photo slideshows.. and work presentations. And if you use coupon code “dadgrad” thru the end of June, you’ll get 25% off.
  • For the dad who likes music.. The Tunebug Vibe.  Portable surfacesound generator turns any surface into a speaker.  Great for Dad’s desktop, workbench, patio table.  It charges using your computer’s usb port..and can run for five hrs fully charged. $69.99
  • For the dad who likes to read...An ebook. Thinner, smaller and lighter than most magazines, the Sony Reader touch edition lets you turn pages with the swipe of a finger.  Access hundreds of books through the online Reader store and free domain titles through google books. $199.99
  • For the fishing dad…   Angler gloves.  They offer sun protection of UPF  of 50+, and make it easier to grab your fish and your pole, help prevent burns from fishing line,  and because the finger tips are can still easily bait and tie your hook. Made by Buff..the Angler Gloves and Fighting Work gloves cost about $40.
  • For the dad who likes the great outdoors..but not the bugs. Keep mosquitoes, gnats, no-see-ums and other annoying insects at bay, safely. Slip a band around your wrist, ankle or belt; encapsulated geraniol - a plant-based, odorless essential oil - creates an invisible shield around you. Each insect-repellent wristband is effective for up to 120 hours when stored in its resealable container between uses. A breakaway feature makes it safe for children. Set of 4 in assorted colors. $26.