Mom On The Run

Cool Mom Gadgets

The consumer Electronics Show wrapped up in Las Vegas earlier this year...and every year new gadgets are making it easier to be a mom!

With the exception of TVs…which just keep getting bigger…everything is getting smaller...easier to use…and in a lot of cases more affordable.

You know how moms are always in charge of finding everything? Well here’s something to make that job easier. At my house, the big kids are always losing their phone chargers..and the little ones..the chargers for their DS’s...those cords are what $30 each?

Think about investing in a Powermat system which does away with cords and keeps everything together in a streamlined charging station. You can get adapters for Blackberrys…iPhones…iTouches…digital cameras…DSI’s…you name just drop your device on the mat…and it charges.  That easy…and my favorite makes a cool noise to let you know you’re connected. My kids aren’t easily impressed by technology..but they think this is very cool..

Of course where would any mom be without her iPhone or iPad? You can find an app these days for pretty much anything..including one to control the sound system in your home.

Slick new speakers from Sonos work with your i-whatever to play your playlist wirelessly, or stream music from any of tens of thousands of internet radio stations. So you can listen to jazz in the kitchen, while the kiddos listen to Radio Disney  in the family room, all at the touch of a touchscreen. These speakers can be placed anywhere in the house…then you can change stations or playlists, and adjust volume on each individual speaker or together, from wherever you find yourself. The speakers have amazing sound, and I’m telling you, it couldn’t be an easier system to set up or operate.

If you’re like most spend almost as much time running around as you spend at, here are a few devices for the road.

Netbooks are the fastest growing segment of the computer industry. Perfect for moms who want to check email…make documents…download music or upload photos. And they’re pretty hard to beat with a price almost as small as they are.  You can find several at under $300…The MSI Wind is just $280.  It’s ultra lightweight, uber easy to use, fits in your purse…and it comes in pink! With five boys in my house, I just can’t get enough pink!

For those moms who like to catch up on reading whenever and wherever they can…e-readers are becoming more popular.  You can store 350 books in either the Sony Reader Touch or Pocket versions..more with a memory card.  They have paper-like screen they’re easy to read even in bright sunlight, and you won’t get that eye fatigue you can get reading a computer screen. You can change the font size, read in portrait or landscape formats, download a book in less time than it takes to download a song, it fits in your purse, the battery lasts up to two weeks  and oh, yeah..the pocket version comes in pink! What’s not to like?

And last this is the device that has my kids most impressed..portable TV..FloTV actually has a nationwide dedicated network to provide the sound and picture quality are great..and there’s plenty of content. So the kids can watch Hannah Montana, while you’re waiting at the DMV, or you can watch a live breaking news event or sporting event when your obligations keep you from the couch.  FloTv technology is also available for some cell phones...but I like that I can hand the portable TV to the kids, and not give up my phone.  It costs under $250 and comes with a six-month program subscription.  After that it will costs under $15 a month.